We're a Partner in Your Success Story

Lloydkay Media is not just a digital agency, we are the creative bunch. We live and breathe digital. We believe in the power of technology. A force that has transformed the world and brought innovative ways of living.

We take pride in each staff members. We recruit talented and passionate digital-centric individuals, invest in them and allow them to take on the world. We are all uncertain about the future, but one thing we are assured of, ”our team will have no rest till a solution is provided for you.’’

Lloydkay Media has worked with over 100 brands across Nigeria and beyond to create a reputable and converting online presence. We are accountable, flexible and personal. We understand every brand is different, hence, we strive to create a custom-made plan for you. We take the pain to know you. We understand your audience. We study your brand – your mission, vision and style and align your goals and objectives into creating a yielding solution for your business.

Our Core Values

When we decided to write our core values, we discussed the principle that has propelled our activity throughout the years. How we have moved our brand from the backyard to secure a spot with other big names, and most importantly how we have satisfied all our client’s needs.

These are philosophies we came up with, values that have served as the core of our business since inception.


We believe the best form of marketing is to keep you satisfied and happy. Hence, we go the extra mile to put a smile on your face and most importantly increase your ROI.


Each job delivered, each sentence crafted, each design made is borne out of a deep place in our heart. Our passion for the web, design and content. We love what we do and our clients can see the love in every service provided. We do not see problems, we only see new ways to get the job done with enthusiasm.


”Good” will never be found in our dictionary, we only give the best. To achieve this, we ensure all services provided go through a second and even third pair of eyes. We fine-tune our work to perfection. No stone is left untouched.


Teamwork is a guiding principle for us at Lloydkay Media. We believe the best ideas come from collaboration. We take our time to share our ideas and mould them to produce sky-scraping results.


We are unconventional thinkers looking for new ways to solve old problems. We carefully analyse and create custom-made solutions. You can call us the ‘’box breakers’’. We break the box, sculpt and redesign a new one.


Our entire structure is based on promptness. We believe in excellent and speed. We push ourselves to deliver solutions in time. You can depend on us for a swift delivery.