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Social Media Optimization

Optimizing your social media platforms for traffic, conversions and connection. Your competition and customers are on social media, you should be there too.

Social media is not an option for your company, it’s a necessity. More than 80% of the world’s online population uses social media, your business should be in the stat. Lloydkay Media can help you leverage social media for your business growth by interacting with your target audience, developing, implementing and managing social media marketing campaigns that create awareness, engagement and turn followers to customers.

Our clients trust us to keep their information confidential, save them time and generate positive results. Since inception, Lloydkay Media has managed several social media marketing campaigns. Whether your business is in real estate, finance, herbs, medicine, consumer products, or non-profits, our social media management services will give your business an edge.

We pride ourselves in driving real, organic traffic and converting.
Our Social Media Services Include:

  • ­Facebook marketing.
  • ­Instagram Marketing.
  • ­Google marketing services.
  • ­Community building/Increase in followers.
  • ­Social media advertising.
  • ­Content development.
  • ­Online Campaigns
  • ­Customer/community relations.

Why You Need Our Social Media Management Team

We Are Socially Powerful: We Have the Experience

Over the years, we have helped more than 100 SME’s and large business to increase sales via social media. We know our onions, we understand how each social media platform work and how it can be beneficial to your business.

Your Customers Are on Social Media, We Know How to Reach Out to Them.

Your customers are using social media daily. They are searching for a solution to their problems. Hence, it is important to connect with them.

Lloydkay Media will help you connect with your target audience, keep them engaged, proffer a solution, understand their buying pattern, and generate new leads.

Your Company Deserves Professional Social Media Management

Your social media pages need attention you cannot give. Your business needs a team of passionate people who understand the fickle space of social media and how to use trends to its advantage. Lloydkay media can help you with that. Each member of our social media team are trained. They understand the algorithm of each platform and how your business can benefit from each change.

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